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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Suffering is our curse – and our gift.

Today I was lonely, because my sister and my mum were very quiet on the family chats. My little niece is not really gaining weight yet and her mother, my sister, is being driven to distraction with worry and fear for her. Weight gains of 6 grams a day are insufficient to satisfy the doctors or support her brain development.

It caused me to reflect on this whole experience of suffering. My niece is suffering. Her mother is suffering. My parents are suffering (and so are my brother- in-law and his parents). And all of us are suffering with our various burdens and sorrows.

It seems like we do a lot of suffering in this life.

There is not a human being that has ever lived or will ever live on this Earth, who will be able to get into Heaven by floating through life on a cloud of happiness. Every saint suffered before entering Heaven. Every human, even GOD MADE MAN, Jesus Himself, and His most blessed Mother, conceived without sin, suffered before they entered Heaven. Suffering is inevitable in this life thanks to human frailty. And yet, it seems to shock us that we must endure it.

There is one thing that is common in ALL canonised saints... Not one of them sat in their deathbed and said, “Please God give me a little more time, I really want to stay here in this life, and I am really scared to go to the next life.” Not one of them! Not one canonised saint died AFRAID of the next life.

It is fear, and fear alone, which draws us away from God.

Fear of suffering, which is inevitable in this world. Fear of failure – also sadly, inevitable – my ongoing sinfulness is testament to that! Fear of judgement. Fear of death. Fear of the unknown.

If only we could truly emulate the great saints, who lived in trust (not fear), in communion with God and without FEAR – how lucky would we be.

I pray for my sister and her husband and our parents, and for all of us, who suffer with own crosses and our own burdens. I pray for all of us.

May we have no fear. May we trust in God.

May we see our suffering for what it is. The pains of birth that must be endured to bring forth life. Not the life of our children as mothers endure – but of our own eternal life in Heaven with God.

Suffering is our curse – and our gift.

Fear makes us lonely, but faith makes us strong.

I pray for your strength through my faith and your own, even when you do not have the strength to have faith yourself.

You can focus on your burdens as my sister focuses on her daughter’s health. Do not be afraid. I will focus on faith. I am so lucky. God has given me this great gift only at this great time – and never ever before. Please God let me not squander it. I have total and complete faith in God. I have enough faith for me and for you.

When you have none, I will give you mine. Take it. It belongs to God and He gave it to me – His most unworthy child. I want my faith to pass from me to you that God will be pleased. I trust Him without fear, to protect me and provide me with faith.

That way we will be together, and you will not be alone. Together! Even when you are most afraid, let my faith will give you strength so that you will never be alone.

For God will truly ease our burdens when everything is clear where we stand on Holy Ground. Here. At the Foot of the Cross.

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