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Jesus answered, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.’(John 2:19).

The Resurrection of Christ (Paolo Veronese)

Recently, in our home, I have declared a moratorium on Legos!

Just before Christmas a dear friend asked if she could purchase my children some Lego models. I very firmly declined.

You see, we have – over the years – purchased (and received as gifts) many many many Lego models. And we have spent many many many hours constructing those models.

And though I have nothing against Lego – and in fact see it as a wonderful learning-toy for children to engage with in active learning-play – we are absolutely saturated with Legos at the current time because they have become very irritating…

Now, I (and my daughter) – unlike my husband and my sons – am not very good at following detailed step by step instructions. We do not like paying attention to details and much prefer a broad-picture approach in all that we do. We do not like getting bogged down in the details as we find that very distracting from all the fun that we could be having… And that means that Legos have become an irritating toy for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because they require careful attention to detail and important following instructions, Legos can be irritating because we must pay attention in the construction and that means that when the construction does not work, I am expected to use my very limited abilities to help fix the issue.

And there is a second – perhaps even more – irritating reason why Legos irritate the mother in me… You see, once a Lego model is built it get sort of boring for a child to simply stare at it all day long. And this means that eventually, one of the children decides that they wish to destroy the model and rebuild it themselves – or worse still – one of the children decides that they would like to borrow a piece from one model to use in a construction of their own design in another model…

And this is when things get really annoying… Because this is when my children need to negotiate what will happen with their Lego model – and this is when I change my “mother” hat for one that reads “judge, jury and arbiter”.

And we were discussing Legos and the problems associated with them the other day as a family when it suddenly occurred to me that these Legos are sort of like Christ!

You see, Christ allowed us to DESTROY His Holy Human Body so that He could effectively REBUILD it in three days…

“On account of this, the Jews demanded, ‘What sign can You show us to prove Your authority to do these things?’ Jesus answered, ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.’ ‘This temple took forty-six years to build,’ the Jews replied, ‘and You are going to raise it up in three days?’” (John 2:18-20).

For my Beloved loves us so much that He allowed us to DESTROY perfection simply to prove that He could not be destroyed…

And just as my children rebuild their Lego models, so too did my Beloved “raise up” the Temple in three days…

And it is for this that I have such faith in my Beloved to RAISE ME UP – and to raise you up too – because that is what the Resurrection and the Life really is…

For with prayer, I stand on Holy Ground where everything is clear. Here. At the Foot of the Cross.

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